Apple and Google Blocks Dozens of Chinese Origin Applications Over India’s Request

by Tiago Decker

Two days after the Indian government made an unprecedented move to block 59 popular Chinese origin applications, Google and the Apple store have adhered and blocked the applications from their respective stores. New Delhi’s order blocked the latter from the world’s second largest internet market from accessing the applications in a blanket manner.

Some of the popular applications include Tik-Tok, UC browser, and Club Factory among other applications. Tik-Tok alone had 611 million active users in the Indian marketspace and the parent owner of the application, Byte Dance has said to suffer huge losses in the millions everyday as the applications remains untethered from the Indian marketplace. However, it is been said that some applications voluntarily made their products inaccessible from the Indian space and the ones which did not comply were taken down. A Google spokesperson said in a statement that the firm has “temporarily blocked access to the apps” on Google Play Store as it reviews New Delhi’s interim order.

Apple, which performed a similar maneuver with implication New Delhi’s orders did not comment. The Indian Department of Telecommunications orders telecom networks and other internet service providers earlier this week to block access to these 59 applications “effectively” and “immediately”. Furthermore, the desktop versions of the following applications have been blocked.

While the move has been touted as privacy issues which were violated, a recent skirmish between the armed forces of India and China took place week ago which led to the loss of 20 deaths on the Indian side and an unnumbered deaths on the Chinese side is said to be the actual cause of the move.

The unprecedented move from India joins the ranks of the many countries which are pushing back against China’s dominant power grab role, India has further upped the ante by raising the issue of Hong-Kong at a recent UNHRS meet. Current border tensions between India and China remain at an all-time high as both sides are dumping troops and machineries on their respective side as a show of strength.

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