After an Explosive Online Reveal Apple Makes iOS for iPhones and iPads Public for Beta Testing

by Tiago Decker

After a successful WWDC conference last month, Apple garnered huge praise for their latest iOS system which took a page from android’s OS. Apple is also releasing major new software updates in the fall for iPhones and iPads where a public beta for the new iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 can be installed for free on any recent iPhone or an iPad. However, they are heavily bugged and need to be thoroughly refreshed before making a general appearance.

Apple’s employees, like other employees working at a tech firm are working remotely to fix the bugs in their new OS, the company quotes that they are cooking up new features which were long requested from their user base which are inspired by users from the other end. The following features include adding small widget programs on the home screen, an ability to change default email and web browser apps and a feature that enables picture-in-picture video for the iPhone while using other applications.

The following features were long available on the android side from many iterations before and are now thoroughly refined for users. While Apple is late to the party, it should be interesting on how they match with the android side who have years of experience over the latter.

“We’re making it even more powerful and easier to use,” Apple’s head of software, Craig Federighi, said while announcing the new software. This year, we spent time rethinking some of the most iconic elements of the experience on iPhone.”

While the latest OS should be fun to try on for new users, these public betas are not recommended to implementfor everyday use.The company even issued a warning that quotes that the new OS can suddenly stop working and users can even lose their data. However, Apple also advices their users to be “adventurous” and push their users to install the latest operations on a device that isn’t “business critical”.

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