With Over 20 Million Worldwide Infections, CSC Chief Believes COVID Deaths Could Witness a Fall

by Tiago Decker

As the COVID-19 pandemic begins to normalize in countries all around the world many government across the world are beginning to open up various sectors of the economy with many countries even opening up almost all access of the economy. The United States has taken the largest part of the pie with the latter almost recording a 1,000 deaths everyday  according to data compiled from the John Hopkins University. However, even at grim ends, the CDC chief thinks that the falls in deaths will likely to decrease starting fall.

“I think we’re going to start to see a decline in mortality across the country now next week as we continue to get control of these cases,” Director of the CDC Dr. Robert Redfield said Thursday. While the data indicated that the new cases for the coronavirus have experienced a sustained decline by the end of June, lag has not been taken into account has remained stubbornly high.

Redfield further agrees that they would like to bring down the number of deaths to nearly as low as 250 deaths per day, a figure which the country came close to reporting at one day in early June.

Redfield even quoted that the U.S is beginning to turn the tide on the COVID infection. He quoted that the Arizona, Texas and every other state that were hit particularly hard by the virus have implemented the required public health guidelines by encouraging face coverings and closing indoor bars and restaurants. While face masks were seen as a political tool in the United States in the midst of an ongoing pandemic, the general population has opted to give in and implement a general social distancing norm, or atleast a majority has.

“We don’t need to have a third wave in the heartland right now,” Redfield quotes. “We need to prevent that particularly as we’re coming to the fall.”


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