WHO Members Rally for a Global Inquiry into Finding the Origin of the Coronavirus

by Montana Fleming

Many countries have deemed the handling of the novel virus from the perspective of the World Health Organization less than optimal. Envoys from the 194 member organization will meet virtually for the 73rd Assembly of the UN body where India takes on the lead position in the WHO executive board for a period of the next three years.

The virus which has killed more than 300,000 people worldwide still continues to run havoc with more than 4.4 million infected souls. The United States leads the charge with 1.3 million infections at the time of writing. While a similar assembly takes place each year with members coming together to review the work of the UN’s health agency and setting various priorities for the coming year. However, the only agenda on today’s assembly will be curbing of the novel pandemic.

While many countries such as Australia, Japan and the United States have been more than vocal about blaming China to some degrees of extent, India recently joins the convey into ordering a probe of inquiry about finding the origin of the virus. With India at the helm of the executive board, the inquiry looks to be quite potent to bring viable results.

Furthermore, the existence of the WHO took a dark turn after President Trump came true on his demand to halt funding to the WHO for their “careless handling” of the virus and shielding China from any backlash. As the assembly convenes on Monday, many accusations are expected to be brought to light. The main subject that will be tabled for discussion will be whether to grant Taiwan an observer status and grant them a seat at the World Health Assembly.


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