What is the Progress Traced by the Leading Vaccine Against the Fight for COVID-19 – Oxford’s Astra Zeneca’s Vaccine Shows Promise

by Tiago Decker

As many as 12 vaccines around the world have entered human trials in the final phase as we inch closer and closer to finding a cure for the ongoing pandemic. The leading vaccine against the pack – Oxford’s AstraZeneca recently published promising trial results for a suitable vaccine against the COVID-19. What’s interesting is, Oxford’s publishing comes days after Moderna produced their own findings.

The vaccine developed by Oxford and AstraZeneca joint effort belongs to the category of a vaccine known as non-replicating viral vector vaccines which tries to build the body’s immunity against this spike protein. The basic idea behind the vaccine is to fight this spiked surface so that the virus does not have an opening to penetrate the cells.

The following vaccine uses a different strain of the COVID strain – In this case, a weakened version of a common virus(adenovirus) that infects chimpanzees is used to carry out the code to make the spike protein which can be associated to a Trojan horse. The adenovirus which is genetically modified will replicate itself in the human body and release the code to generate only protein spikes. The body’s immune system is than expected to recognize the increase in spike protein which will potentially be considered harmful and start building antibodies against it.

The preliminary results which were gathered from phase 1 and 2 were published in The Lancet offered extremely promising results by quoting the vaccine to be safe but also building an Immune response w.r.t the participants. For the study, a single dose of the vaccine was injected to increase antibodies specifically against the spike protein during the first 28 days. The neutralizing process was detected in 32 out of 35 participants after they were administered a second, booster dose.

The vaccine, however, also shows moderate to adverse reactions that includes pain, feverish feelings, chills, muscle aches, headaches and malaise. The following effects however were reduced with the help of a prophylactic paracetamol.

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