UK’s Labour Party Joins Arms Against Boycott of Facebook w.r.t Hateful Content

by Tiago Decker

Facebook’s advert ban has taken a sharp turn as the UK.s Labour Party has joined the action in banning the tech conglomerate. The Labour Party of the U.K has aggregated to show complete solidarity with the Black Lives Movement as quoted by one of the party’s senior MP quoted. Shadow Minister Rachel Reeves told a news network that the party wants to “express their concern about the failure of Facebook to take down some hateful material”.

Many companies around the world have already joined in the advert ban on Facebook banking Facebook to comply. With the addition of the Labour Party in the mix Facebook’s side looks deeply incumbent.In retrospect, Facebook did remove some harmful posts with the promise of improving their policies regarding the definition of hateful content.

The Facebook advertising boycott was initiated by “Stop Hate for Profit” campaign within the wake of George Floyd’s death which gained international recognizance with big companies such as Sony and Unilever joining the advert ban. Following the chain of events a domino effort with many more companies joining in the pile.

“And that is in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter campaign but also in line with what many businesses are doing this month, which is to express our concerns about the failure of Facebook to take down some hateful material from their platform and take more responsibility for the lies and propaganda that are sometimes put out there on Facebook”, a joint statement from the Labour Party points at.

The Labour Party seems to possess an ulterior motive behind joining the advert ban as political parties in the U.K spent £40 in respect to political parties during the 2017 elections out of which around £3 million went towards Facebook ads with the Conservative Party spending more than twice than all the other parties combined. While the motive behind the Labour Party might not be clean, they sure know how to play dirty which puts Facebook into a rather difficult position than they were before.

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