Twitter’s Criticism to the President Might have Caused them More than they can Handle

by Montana Fleming

Jack Dorsey’s initial move to fact check President Trump’s tweet about mail fraud during the elections might have landed Twitter in a brawl with the White House. Furthermore, Twitter did not stop there as they fact checked more of Trump’s tweets even deleting a few. As expected, the President decided to return the favor. With the stroke of a pen, President Trump has asked the Federal Communication Commission to regulate the big boys in Silicon Valley including Twitter, Facebook, and Google, if reports are to be believed.

Section 230 – Which gives the social media handles a special provision to shield them legally against misleading or harmful content to their users. However, if the President gets his way, the special provision might soon be modified or even stripped completely giving Twitter and other handles a “publisher” status.

It might be a huge undertaking, however not impossible as the current head of the FCC comes from Trump’s team – Mr. Ajit Pai. However, it still remains unclear as to whether the FCC can actually wield the power to even overturn such a decision. Furthermore, it is unclear as to a decision taken by the FCC can be overturned in turned pertaining further legal war with the White House.

While section 230 isn’t complete protection for social media handles, it’s only exception lies in regards to federal crimes or intellectual-property claims. Rest falls pretty much under the section of free speech. This law essentially provided Twitter with the ability to censor content they do not seem fit.

The social media handles hardly repelled the net neutrality protection act in 2017 and with a new challenge ahead fighting the might of the White House Twitter might have just put all the platforms on to a single team.

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