The World’s Largest Cinema Market Begins Process to Re-open their Doors

by Tiago Decker

China’s economy seems like the only economy which seems to be bouncing back from the after-effects of the pandemic strain. China announced on Thursday that their GDP rose by 3.2% during the second quarter from the previous year. The current rise in GDP predicts a V-shaped recovery which will revitalize of the world’s second largest economy.

Furthermore China seems to be taking more means and measures to further boost the economy by normalizing the way of life for their citizens. China’s cinemas are reopening after being closed doors for six months which was employed in order to curb the spread of the coronavirus. The China Film Administration said that opening screens were moved to “low-risk” and were expected for an essential nation-wide reopening.

China’s cinemas were hit hard as every other economy as many were forced to go out of business. Cinemas will reopen that will be subjected to social distancing norms, including 30% capacity and the number of movies being shown at a venue to be capped at 50% of the previous volume. Furthermore, customer’s temperatures will be taken and masks will have to be worn by both cinema goers and the staff.

Tickets should be purchased online and a separate group of customers will have to sit atleast a meter apart. Furthermore no drinks or food will be allowed to be served in any of the screens. This should be a major blow to the industry as the latter serve as a significant part of the industry’s revenue.

China ranked second in terms of the largest market for movie goers with the country raking in $9.2 billion during 2019. Earlier this month, China’s largest cinema owner, Wanda Film, warned that they would swing into a loss for the first six months of the year. The company has more than 600 cinema screens across the country expects a loss of 1.6 billion yuan (£182m) compared to a 524 million yuan as compared to profits gathered from last year.

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