The States Scramble for Solace – Florida Reports New Record in Infections

by Tiago Decker

The United States at the time of writing reports well over 3 million cases of the COVID-19 which is far more than any other country in the world. A day before the United States reported 60,000 new cases in a single day beating out any other country in terms of rise in infections in a single day by a large margin. The United States also reports the most deaths caused by the ongoing pandemic by a huge margin. It is quite safe to say that the United States is the worst hit country in the whole world in all sense of form. And the situation in the country just seems to be deterioratingwith each passing day.

Florida, a state which just consists of 7% of the entire population of the country reported the previous daily record held by California. Florida which began to curb restrictions on social distancing in May proves to be vulnerable due to lack in tourism and with a heavy substitution of the elderly population. The latest figures from Florida shadow the worst daily rates seen in New York in April.

The state would rank fourth in terms of cases in the world if it were considered to be a country according to a recent analysis. More than 40 hospitals in the state have been quoting saying that they were operating beyond their facilities and scale. The latest figure comes a day after Walt Disney in Florida reopened with intense safety measures.

The cases in Florida have continued to rise despite Republican governor Ron DeSantis ordering bars and restaurants to close down again last month. The country’s top advisor from the White House Task Force criticized the lockdown easement measures saying that the current data does not support the move. Furthermore, Mr. DeSantis also declined to make mask-wearing in the state not obligatory.

The issue of masks have become highly political in the United States with many getting piled up on either sides despite the WHO urging the worldwide population to wear masks and observe social distancing means.

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