The Chinese Face Another Smidge to their Spotless Image- China’ Richest Man Summoned By Indian Courts

by Tiago Decker

After the Indian government banned 59 Chinese applications, the Chinese government and their state companies were in disarray as the Indian virtual space was either the primary or a lion share in terms of revenue when it came to pure downloads and usage. The banned applications were completely removed from the Google PlayStore and the Apple store from the mobile devices resting in India.

Furthermore, the mere functioning of the applications has been banned made via the Information and Technology Ministry of India. Following the strict and swift ban, China has criticized India of violating rules from the WTO in terms of fair use. India has sought written answers from all the affected companies that pushed to censor content or acted in terms of any foreign government. For the moment all the banned applications continue to be banned in India.

China has faced another smidge on their record as an Indian Court has summoned Alibaba and its founder Jack Ma in a case where a former employee has alleged that he was wrongfully fired after objection to the latter saw as censorship and fake news on the company’s applications and documents.

The judge has also sought written responses from the company and its executives within 30 days, according to the summons filled. UC India said in a statement has responded to the warranted application by quoting : “unwavering in its commitment to the India market and the welfare of its local employees, and its policies follow local laws. We are unable to comment on ongoing litigation”.

Alibaba representatives did not response for a comment from the Chinese company on behalf of Jack Ma and it is still unclear whether he will be making an appearance or not. It is further unclear whether it is a mere coincidence that a Chinese application has beenaccused ofcensorship when a number of Chinese applications have been banned for similar reasons.

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