Rapper J. Cole Miscounts his Children – Announced the Second Child in a Personal Essay

by Tiago Decker

In a personal essay penned for The Players’ Tribune which was published on Monday. The typically Grammy-winning performer recants his journey between his two passions – Basketball and Rap. As the rapper recalls his reel of highlights, setbacks and conflicts of his two pursuits –the star further confirms some personal news in the following process, that he is a father to two boys.

At an unspecified time in 2016 –The rapper wrote, “A couple weeks prior I learned that I would become a father. It wasn’t a surprise. I had been taking steps to change my life for the past couple years, and I felt ready.”

He further goes on to summarize,  “Four years have passed. In that time I’ve been blessed with two sons, learned the delicate art of balance between parenthood and career, had the pleasure of working with a ton of talented artists as a featured rapper, spent 10 magical days recording a Dreamville album in Atlanta, and put a lot of time and energy into sharpening my sword and growing as an artist.”

Referring to the following piece, the artist tweets on Monday, “This s**t was both hella challenging and mad fulfilling to write. Thank you @PlayersTribune for the platform.”The star who keeps extremely private married his college sweetheart Melissa Heholt years ago, recently spoke of his fatherhood sector during a March 2019 interview. At the time, it was publicly known that J. Cole had welcomed one son.

A few months later, in July 2019, he raps on his track “Sacrifices” that has a particular line that quotes, “She gave me the gift of my son, and plus we got one on the way.” He further goes on to explain that it changed his life to get ready and have a family as soon as they know that they were going to have a son.

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