Protests in United States Take an Ugly Turn as they Grow Strong

by Montana Fleming

The United States is currently fighting many battles on their war-front, as the protests in Minneapolis refuse to die down. With the states currently drawn on it’s knees on the coronavirus front, the protests pertaining over the killing of George Floyd by cops do not seem like they shall be going away any time strong. Furthermore, Germany, London and Hong-Kong have shown solidary over the racial killing in the States as protests broke out over the European sub-continent, however, with a little less extremity.

Even as curfews have been re-imposed in nearly 40 countries, people have merely ignored the rules, even flaunting them as thousands gather surrounding the White House on Sunday, some even armed. Videos of Riot Police clashing with protestors in New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles have flooded Twitter, Facebook, and other social media handles.

The worst side of the police and protestors comes in full display as Riot Police fire tear gas, use excessive force on unarmed protestors, irrespective of age and gender have further enraged the protestors to take violent stands. Not turning a blind eye to the violent protests, flocks of protests were seen breaking off the peaceful protestors and setting police vehicles on fire, robbing stores, and even destroying public property.

President Trump deployed the National Guard – Which is the US reserve military Police for domestic emergencies in the thousands. However, the protestors have shown no signs of slowing down as thousands and thousands are seen flocking the streets every single day.

Amid the chaos, several videos showing police officers taking off their riots gears and talking with the protestors, some even joining them for a peaceful march. Additionally, videos of protestors protecting cops who have been singled out have emerged which shows the good side in the worst violent outburst the United States saw against the government since the Civil War.

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