Politics and Hollywood Collide Over an Exciting Topic – Pamela Anderson Sings Praises for the Canadian PM

by Tiago Decker

It is not often than the glamorous world of Hollywood collides with the governing bodies of any countries. However, we love to see it happen. In a similar instance, Canadian actor Pamela Anderson revealed during a recent interview that she wants to bid for the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau current stance. Justin Trudeau recently announced that the Canadian government would make a $100 million investment into Merit Food Foundation, which specializes in plant-based foods.

Anderson applauded the Prime Minister’s stance in a letter addressed to the latter. “Sensuality includes being engaged in the world and caring about others’ feelings, and nothing is sexier than compassion,” the honorary director of the group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) wrote.“Your recent decision to invest $100 million in our mushrooming plant-based industries fits that description—and that puts Canada on top when it comes to promoting a humane and healthy diet. On behalf of my friends at PETA, thank you for doing that—please keep it up!”

She further quotes financial aspirations for Trudeau’s decision quoting “fiscally responsible move not only creates good jobsfor Canadians but also spares countless animals a terrible life and death.”

While the Canadian Prime Minister is a big fan of chomping down meat substances, Pamela decided to depart with a friendly parting shot. “Were you to drop meat and dairy from your personal dietwhich I so hope you willI would be honored to be your mentor and to suggest some of the tasty, diverse vegan foods proudly produced in Canada,” the Baywatch star wrote.

Pamela offered the Prime Minister immense guidelines if he ever decides to go vegan. She further quotes “Nothing is sexier than compassion,” as Pamela concludes.

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