Notre Dame Will be Rebuilt in the Original State – French President Macron Announces

by Tiago Decker

The spire of Notre Dame which was destroyed in a fire last year in April will be restored according to the original Gothic design as announced by the French President Emmanuel Macron. The following decision puts an end to the controversial comments that were being thrown around that the cathedral was going to be rebuilt in a modern styled structure. Mr. Macron previously hinted that he was in favor of a “contemporary gesture”. Furthermore, Macron said that he wants the Notre Dame to be completed before 2024 when Paris hosts the Olympics.

The Elysée said Mr. Macron’s main concern was “not delaying the reconstruction and making it complicated – things had to be cleared up quickly”. It further adds that the process of designing a modern spire with an international competition of architectures which would cause uncomplicated delays and errors. “The president trusts the experts and approved the main outlines of the project presented by the chief architect which plans to reconstruct the spire identically,” the Elysée said.

The following announcement from the French President comes after a meeting concluded from France’s national heritage and architecture commission (CNPA). When the 13th century structure caught fire during restoration work in April 19. After the fire was dealt with various rumors were sparked which were followed by donations from all across the world.

Within two days of the fire being put out about €900m ($1bn; £805m) were raised in an attempt for the cathedral’s restoration. The cathedral was built in the 13th century however was extensively damaged in the late 18th century. The replacement structure was erected in the mid-19th century by architecture Eugène Viollet-le-Duc.

Since last year, discussions took place over the restoration of the cathedral took place over tense discussion sessions.Jean-Louis Georgelin was put in charge of the restoration where he wanted a modern styled structure which was struck down due to nationalistic reasons.

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