North Korea Announces Lockdown as the Country Allegedly Detects Their First Coronavirus Infection

by Tiago Decker

The most mysterious country on the planet rarely grabs the world’s attention for anything other than the mysterious nature of their existence. In another instance the mysterious country has declared an emergency and ordered a lockdown in a border town after a person was suspected of having coronavirus. The latter has said to have returned from South Korea after he allegedly crossed into the country after crossing the border as reports from the state media report. If the country confirms the case officially it would be considered as the first case acknowledged by the country.

Earlier the country reported that they have no reported coronavirus cases even as the case total went over 10 million. Furthermore with no reported cases the country’s state media reported a few days back that the country has began testing a vaccine with zero cases.

Kim Jong-un convened an emergency politburo meeting in regards to a situation that he refers to as a  “critical situation in which the vicious virus could be said to have entered the country”. According to the country’s state media KCNA, a person who defected to South Korea returned to the country between the fortified borders that divides the two Koreas towards the town of Kaesong this months with symptoms of COVID-19.

While the agency did not confirm if the person in question was officially tested, they did say that uncertain results were procured from several medical checkups of the person’s upper respiratory organ and blood. The following statement prompts the officials that a quarantine would soon be made on the person and on the corresponding people that the latter would have came in contact with.

North Korea already faces intense financial sanctions and pressure due to their nuclear program. While a full blown outbreak will definitely cripple North Korea to the extreme brink, the latter has received thousands of testing kits from Russia and other countries along with medical supplies in the form of a medical aid.

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