Kroger Rises to the Top in Terms of Revenue During a Pandemic

by Montana Fleming

Kroger appears as a blip in terms of revenue and market growth during an ongoing pandemic, as it is one of if not the only America company to report steady revenue flow. During the first quarter year, Kroger saw a jump of 92% in online grocery sales. Kroger is deemed as the largest grocery chain in the United States even as it lags behind Walmart, Amazon, and Target in terms of e-commerce sales.

Kroger recently partnered with British robotics company Ocado to build a network of fulfilment centers in order to keep up with the growth. At this rate and preparation, Kroger is looking to basically turbocharge their e-commerce goals and at the moment they seem to be over-achieving them. Consumers during the pandemic have changed their eco system of cleaning and ordering food off the internet which has given rise to a trend of indoor cooking.

Stay-at-home meals are the trend of the year which gave Kroger a sales boost. It’s digital sales grew by 92% during the first fiscal year which ended on May 23rd. Kroger’s CFO Gary Millerchip quoted in an earnings call on Thursday that the continue pattern will escalate over the coming years as the United States remains in limbo impending an upcoming lockdown.

Kroger toppled analysts overview in terms of revenue as the company reported $41.55 billion from $37 billion from year-to-year sales. Net income rose to $1.21 billion, or $1.52 per share, from $722 million or 95 cents per share from last year. However, Kroger’s adjusted earnings per share were capped at $1.22.

Even though Kroger is functioning exceptionally well during an ongoing pandemic, shares of the company were dealing 6% down in early trading rounds on Thursday.

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