Iran Reports Significant Fire Damage at Nuclear Site

by Tiago Decker

A fire broke out on Thursday at a key Iranian facility that has caused “significant damage”, a spokesperson for the Iran’s nuclear energy body has said. He further said that the cause for the blaze has been determined and been taken care of, however, no further details were provided. Furthermore, the spokesperson has said that the damaged machinery will be replaced with a new machinery in the near future.

The fire hit a centrifuge assembly workshop with many Iranian officials blaming a possible cyber-sabotage attack. Centrifuges are often required to produce enriched uranium which is than processed to make a reactor fuel for the nuclear weapons. Behrouz Kamalvandi, a spokesperson for Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization, said on Sunday that security officials were not talking about the recent fire because of obvious security reasons.

Mr. Kamalvandi added: “The incident could slow down the development and production of advanced centrifuges in the medium term.Iran will replace the damaged building with a bigger one that has more advanced equipment. While the incident caused significant damage to equipment and possibly the nuclear site, no casualties have been reported. This is not the first fire that has occurred in the past week in Iran. The fire occurred at one of the industrial sheds which are under construction at Natanz, Mr. Kamalvandi has further quoted.

Further reports quote that while many Iranian officers say that a possible cyber attack might be the cause of the attack, no evidence was presented at the time of writing. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) which monitors Iran’s compliance with a deal stuck in 2015 with the world’s nuclear arsenal, quoted that they did not anticipate a current impact on their verification activities.

The Natanz site, where the current incident happened, reported the incident after 6 days after the incident occurred. Leaking gas tanks are the original thesis which are meant to cause the actual incident however, no official reports have been reported.

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