India’s Capital Struggles to Stay Afloat with 66,000 Reported Infections

by Tiago Decker

Delhi has emerged as the next hotspot for India with the death toll reaching 2,301. 68 deaths were reported in a day in the nation’s capital. There are currently 24,988 active cases regarding the COVID-19 pandemic while 39,313 patients have either been discharged or cured. Delhi reported 4,000 new cases on Tuesday marking it the deadliest day related to rise in cases. The total number of infection cases in Delhi is now deemed at 66,602 making it the second worst affected state in the country.

However authorities claim that the cumulative figure refers to fatalities where the primary cause of death was found to be COVID-19. The Delhi Audit Committee reported the following figures after a thorough case sheet was received and audited from various hospitals that cater to the infected needs.

Tuesday also reported 2,711 patients being successfully cured of the virus and discharged consecutively. Delhi is also the house to 261 containment zones which are bubbles where extremely minimum movement of goods and people is allowed with most of the population observing a lockdown status. After holding a variety of meetings between Chief Minister of Delhi and the Union Home Minister Amit Shah, the Central Government greenlit a decision for a 10,000 bed-care center to be operationalized by June 26th.

In a series of tweets, Amit Shah also declared a 1,000-bed full fledged hospital with 250 beds for ICU units is being developed and will be manned by armed forces personnel within the next 10 days. Additional arrangements were also informed by the Union Minister that a total of 8,000 additional beds are being provided at Delhi government’s disposal for making COVID care centers.

The Central Government also allocated additional funds of ₹2,000 crore for supply of 50,000 ventilators for government run hospitals in all states and Union Territories.

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