India Records Excessive Rise in Infections in Terms of 30,000 – Death Toll Rises to 24K

by Tiago Decker

While India started off at a pretty decent start at the beginning of the pandemic as of today India is the third worst affected country in the world. At the current rate of infections that are being reported India will soon become the third country with a million infections during the lifetime of the pandemic after the United States and Brazil.

New Delhi reported more than 30,000 cases on Tuesday for the first time ever as death tolls crossed 24,000 deaths in total with Tuesday reporting 582 deaths. As many as 30,142 cases were reported in the country making the total cases to 9,36,994 as per data collected across the states all across the country. The previous highest single-day count was reported on Sunday which stood at 29,271 cases. On Sunday and Monday India’s single-day tally were the second highest across the world after the United States.

Brazil’s daily count fell drastically as the country reported 45,000 new infections as India began climbing up the ranks. With the current rise in infections, many states in the country are reporting a partial or a complete lockdowns in respect to city wide lockdowns or entire state-wise lockdowns.

State-wise distribution of cases were held by Maharashtra(6,741 cases), Tamil Nadu(4,526 cases), Bihar(1,432 cases), Gujarat(915 new cases) and Madhya Pradesh(798 cases) while the rest of the cases were distributed meagerly among the rest of the states. Maharashtra reported the highest number of deaths at 213, followed by Karnataka (87), Tamil Nadu(67), Andhra Pradesh(43), Delhi(35) and Uttar Pradesh(28).

State wise total cases were held by Maharashtra(2.6 lakh cases), Tamil Nadu(1.4 lakh cases) and Delhi(1.1 lakh cases) with Gujarat reporting 43,723 cases at the fifth position. Kerala which was the less hit state in India registered a sharp rise in COVID-19 cases with more than 608 new cases being reported in a day with the total number of cases in the state being reported at 8,930.

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