Huawei in Financial Trouble as U.S Extends Ban on Firm

by Montana Fleming

Huawei released a statement quoting the latest move by the U.S to cut them off from semiconductor suppliers as a ‘pernicious’ attack that will put the Chinese based firm into strictly survival mode and further ensue a technology based warfare in the global sector. Washington describes Huawei as a security risk and banned Huawei from selling any electronic devices over a 5G related subject.

“The decision was arbitrary and pernicious and threatens to undermine the entire (technology) industry worldwide,” Huawei quotes. Huawei recently came out of an 18 month fight with the United States which has made its stand to basically isolate Huawei from its marketspace. Washington even went on to put Huawei into a blacklist which banned them from buying American components even after Huawei offered a dedicated set of reprieves.

U.S commerce secretary Wilbur Ross even went on to say that while Huawei is looking to produce an alternative source of components, it will still be dependent on the US tech sector. Washington quotes that Huawei is selling American secrets to Beijing and has thus rained down a parade of sanctions that made it virtually impossible for Huawei.

Currently Huawei is the primary supplier for the world’s telecom network enterprise and the second largest smartphone manufacturer. Huawei quotes that the charges are completely nullifiable and that the U.S has not demanded any kind of proof to settle the charges. China’s Ministry of Commerce on Sunday issued a warning to the U.S that it would be forced to take unspecified “necessary measures” to protect Huawei.

While this tiff seems as a U.S retaliation in extending the trade war between China and the latter, the United States currently shows no sign of back down or even extending an olive branch as it continues to give no quarters amid an ongoing pandemic.


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