EU and the Britain Lock Horns as Talks for Brexit Seem to be Getting Intensifying

by Tiago Decker

EU and Britain began talks for a post Brexit scenario starting Monday. While London will try and wrap things up quickly suitable for their needs, Brussels seems to be in mood to let go of Britain without causing punitive harm. The latest talks marks as the first face-to-face discussions post pandemic that London and Brussels will initiate. Both sides seems to encroach and stall progress by exchanging political blows.

While the current hope remains that the present scenario will piledrive the discussions at a fast rate, previous talks with the parties have yielded little, if not nothing. However, London will seem to go all in going in the current talks of dissolution, as Prime Minister Johnson has quoted that Britain should be ready for a no-deal Brexit. The meetings will alternate weekly between Brussels and London all through July till the end of August, with the hopes that London will secure a deal on common grounds.

The teams learned on Sunday that former British negotiator David Frost will be promoted to become Johnson’s National Security Advisor for this rounds of discussion. EU’s counterpart to Frost, Michael Barnier did not look rattled with the new adjustment on London’s end as Barnier has managed to keep Brussels in the winning seat all throughout the previous discussions.

David will remain chief negotiator for the EU talks until agreement is reached or until the talks end,” the official said.

“This will remain his first priority. As we have made clear we do not anyway wish these talks to run on into the autumn.”

Germany’s Chancellor Angela Markel, whose government will take presidency of the EU next week has made her stance public in a rather staunch manner. Merkel questioned London’s leadership accusing them of wanting no deal and to pull for time. However, with the change in leadership at both ends, results are expected soon.


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