Coronavirus Cases Cross 12 Million Mark Worldwide – WHO Points at Beginning of Airborne Transmission

by Tiago Decker

The ongoing pandemic has surged over 12 million infections worldwide and cost the lives of over 550,000 lives. Coming at a low blow, the WHO now published new guidelines on Thursday saying that airborne transmission cannot be ruled out at the moment and they are looking at the possibilities. The latest guidelines quote that air particles in closed indoors, including gyms and restaurants can be considered as cess pools for a rise in pandemics.

The WHO previously acknowledged that the virus may become airborne in certain environments such as daring medical procedures that can generate aerosols. The latest guidelines recognizes that while some research provides the basis for airborne transmission, the places for transmission might be limited to indoor crowded places for the moment. The WHO cites “choir practice, in restaurants or in fitness classes” as possible areas of airborne transmissions.

“In these events, short-range aerosol transmission, particularly in specific indoor locations, such as crowded and inadequately ventilated spaces over a prolonged period of time with infected persons cannot be ruled out,” the United Nations health agency’s latest guidelines quote.

However, the WHO guidelines quote that early evidence suggest the possibility of airborne transmission in such environments which are spread by droplets and surfaces could also explain the perceived form of transmission. “However, the detailed investigations of these clusters suggest that droplet and fomite transmission could also explain human-to-human transmission within these clusters,” the guidance said.

However, the WHO suggests that further research is required to cement the following claims. For the moment, the Geneva agency believes that the primary mode of transmission for the virus is through respiratory droplets. However, for airborne transmission of the coronavirus could occur if the virus carrying droplets could generate “microscopic aerosol” by form of evaporating if the strength of normal breathing of the general population drops down.

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