China Buckles as International Leeway Weaken, Promises Greater Cooperation

by Montana Fleming

The world nears 7 million worldwide infected cases from the COVID-19 virus which allegedly has origins which many believe are from China. While the pandemic shows no signs of slowing down, the world races towards finding a vaccine in order to stop slipping into permanent recessions. Economies like Germany and Japan have already shifted towards technical recessions.

The death toll resulting from the virus has reached upwards of 400,000 worldwide with the United States leading the tally at more than 100,000 deaths. China faces immense backlash on all stands, including international isolation and several financial aspects as countries around the world are bonding together to form anti-China sentiments.

The Communist Party in China has decided to take a welcoming stand at the moment as they promise greater collaboration in future COVID-19 trials. The World Health Organization which is said to be a greater ally of the Dragon even seems to be distancing themselves from their grips as they produce contradictory statements in according to their counterparts from China.

President Xi Jinping vowed last month to the World Health Assembly that the vaccine developed from their side will be declared as a public good product which will be made available readily. Furthermore, the leader also promises a greater role in vaccine development and accessibility to developing countries from China’s end.

However, vaccine development is a fundamentally difficult and exhaustive process, the Chinese health department quotes that they are currently running five trials that have reached the stage of human testing. China operates 5 out of the 10 prominent human trials across the world. With the odds in the Chinese favor, it seems that time will tell whether China will stand true to their world if they win the vaccine race.

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