As the Pandemic Reached Peak Infection, WHO Fears a Second Wave of Infection is Apparent

by Montana Fleming

The global tally for infected cases reached 5.5 million on Tuesday as the WHO reported. The officials at a press conference quoted that they fear a possibility of a “second wave” of infection as many countries around the world have begun loosening their lockdown status. Dr. Mike Ryan, the WHO emergencies chief, offered the following warning in an online briefing.

“We cannot make assumptions that just because the disease is on the way down now it is going to keep going down and we are get a number of months to get ready for a second wave,” said Ryan. “We may get a second peak in this wave.”

His warnings are assumed to emerged after pictures from the U.S Memorial Day holiday surfaced which showed flocks of people not adhering to the current guidelines for social distancing. Media reports that cultural and political differences in the U.S such as compliance with wearing face masks, and even claiming that the pandemic is not real are fueling the immediate rise in cases.

Many social media handles are displaying video clips across stores who have to deal with people who are not even wearing a face mask. Some clips even display physical alterations between store employees and customers. Even the President attended Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia to commemorate the sacrifice of soldiers without wearing a face mask.

In retrospect, former Vice President, and the top contender for facing President Trump for the elections in November wore a face mask and even seemed to distance himself from a group of attending veterans. The U.S death toll crossed 100,000 on Tuesday with the highest tall of cases ranging at 1.67 million, according to latest figures gathered from John Hopkins University.

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