As Elections in the State Near, Social Media Firms Rally up to Declare themselves Not Guilty

by Montana Fleming

Avoiding a repeat of the 2016 elections which put all the major tech firms under a microscope for their alleged participation in the electoral process, officials from Facebook, Google and Twitter raised the white flag early on to avoid a similar backlash. The trio signaled lawmakers in the Senate and the House of Representatives that they are more than prepared to deal with misinformation on their respective platforms in order to not hinder on the right to choose.

Foreign interference is considered as a top contender for the lawmakers after Russian trolls dictated the 2016 elections as they sowed discord among Americans.

“I’m concerned about whether social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and others, wittingly or otherwise, optimize for extreme content. These technologies are designed to engage users and keep them coming back, which is pushing us further apart and isolating Americans into information silos,” Rep. Adam Schiff, who chairs the House Intelligence Committee, said during a virtual hearing about election security and foreign interference.

Schiff, is a Democrat from California, still believes that he is not completely confident of the fact that 2020 elections will be fair and free from online interference, however, he further quotes that it will be difficult for Russia to use the same playbook.

Nathaniel Gleicher, who heads the cybersecurity at Facebook said that there are more than 35,000 people who are working on safety and security at the firm and that nearly 40 teams are focused on elections misinformation campaigns. While Twitter has already made their stand clear on where they stand about misinformation, Google is said to have following suit, leaving Facebook as the only black shave in a the trio owning to Facebook’s latest misalignment in terms of the CEO’s stand.

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