Apple Sits Down in the Trenches Against EU Fighting Two Anti-Competition Probes

by Montana Fleming

Apple has found itself in trouble with the European Union as the latter has been accused of limiting installation of apps from Third Party developers. Another accusation implied on the tech firm limits to usability of iPhone’s tap-and-go facility. In response, Apple came out swinging as they quotes-unquote feel “disappointed” that the EU was “advancing baseless complaints”. Furthermore Apple accused the companies involved in the complaints of warranting a “free ride”.

“Our goal is simple: for our customers to have access to the best app or service of their choice, in a safe and secure environment,” a spokesperson for Apple quoted. Apple found itself under attack from its own Home Ground as a House Judiciary Committee was reported to summon Apple’s CEO Tom Cook alongside other tech leaders to answer questions that point at anti-trust issues.

Amazon is one of the tech firms currently under scrutiny from the same committee as Jeff Bezos said that he was willing to testify as long as his counterparts from Google and Facebook provide similar evidence. The latest development from the EU emerges days before Apple holding their annual developers conference.

The investigation primarily focuses on Apple’s App Store that stems from a complaint raised by the music streaming service known as Spotify. They raised two major concerns,

  • The only way developers can sell content and/or subscriptions directly within an iOS app is via Apple’s own system
  • Publishers cannot tell users within their apps that the same items can be bought elsewhere – for example via the service’s own website

Apple typically charges a 30% sales tax from any sale made from the PlayStore, although that rate has marginalized to 15% over the years. While iOS users have found a solution known as “Jailbreak” in order to pass Apple’s gatekeeper.

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