Apple and Google’s Contact Tracing App for the Pandemic is Officially Live

by Montana Fleming

The team that developed Switzerland’s contact tracing app said that they are the first firm to develop a product that incorporates technology provided by Apple and Google. However, the U.S firms have faced criticism for taking their perspective approach on the rollout. Automated contract tracing requires smartphones when two people are close enough and the application triggers a warning.

To make use of their API(Application programming interference) – A software tool which gives special access to some features in the iOS and Android OS excluding gathering any information on the user’s location data. However, that means that the applications will have to use a centralized mode which focuses on Bluetooth being used to carry out a “handshake”.

“The use of digital technologies must be designed in such a way that we, as democratically elected governments, evaluate it and judge it acceptable to our citizens and in accordance with our European values,” wrote digital affairs ministers from the German, French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese governments in a joint letter.

“We believe that challenging this right by imposing technical standards represents a misstep and a missed opportunity for open collaboration between governments and the private sector.” At the time of writing, neither Apple nor Google has made any comments on the subject.

Bluetooth is retrospect is not made for a large scale application as many technical advisors agree. Apple and Google has quoted that 22 countries, including U.S states have asked permission to access its API. In retrospect, another team at Latvia is incorporating the API and is able to bypass the usage without a parliamentary vote, even offering to incorporate the app as soon as Thursday.

While this is a massive invasion of privacy on the users, there seems to be no credible action being taken at the time.

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