An Update on all the Human Trial Vaccines Regarding the Ongoing Pandemic

by Montana Fleming

At the time of writing, the novel coronavirus has infected more than 6 million souls with more than 370,000 deaths. To put some things in perspective, the shortest time recorded for a vaccine to be effectively made was four years. However, as a greater threat has grasped the world and with severe advancements in technologies and human intelligence, the humankind looks to put up a fight as many institutions across the world are already trailing at human trials within 6 months of the inception of the virus.

US company Moderna Inc is considered as one of the top runners in the vaccine said has already planning to start human trial within two weeks. At the time of writing, 120 vaccines are racing to cross the finish line early on out of which over 10 are undergoing human trials. Certain reports tag China running the most human trials vaccines in the world with the number tagging it as 5 individual vaccines being developed simultaneously.

Till date, China’s CanSino adenovirus vaccine, Oxford’s University’s adenovirus, Moderna’s mRNA vaccine and Novavax have emerged as the top candidates for securing a viable vaccine by the end of the year which can be distributed on a global scale.

In India, Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali Group has joined the Global efforts for developing a cure for the pandemic alongside Poonawalla’s Group ‘s Serum Institute has even reported reaching human trials as initial trials show more promise.

A Chinese vaccine developed by Beijing’s Institute of Biological Products and China National Biotech Group Co have completed phase 2 testing and may be market ready at the end of this year. The production capacities remain unmatched as the facility boasts of pumping out between 100 – 200 million vaccines in a year.

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