After 3 Months of Limiting Movement, Europe Gets Ready to Lower Restrictions

by Montana Fleming

As we enter a period of two months since the global pandemic begun, several countries around the world have begun to impose a series of lesser restrictive lockdowns in a hope to kickstart their economies. Most businesses in Italy, including bars and hair saloons will be free to be reopened after more than two months of lockdown measures. In Spain, a public meet of 10 people will be allowed to gather. These measures are put in place as both countries see a gradual decrease in the number of infections and deaths since it entered lockdown phases from March.

Italy saw a death toll of 145 people within the last 24 hours which is a significant drop as it noted 900 deaths on 27th March. Similarly Spain saw its death toll fall below 100 for the first time since it imposed stricter lockdown measures. While restaurants, bars, cafes, hairdressers, and other utility shops will be allowed to be opened to the public, strict social distancing measures are expected to be followed.

Pope Francis held a private meeting at St Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican which was disinfected ahead of its reopening sessions to the tourists. A death toll of 32,000 swept Italy as its economy shrunk by 10% over the course of two months. Spain is following a four point phase of easement of lockdown with phase 1 being initiated from Monday.

Belgium opens primary and secondary schools under strict measures starting Mondays with museums and zoos gradually opening. Portugal opens up its cafés and bars serving only a limited number of people. While health officials from both countries claim that they have curbed further spreading of the virus, many officials seem reluctant from opening the doors to the country this soon.


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