Africa Emerges as the New Epicenter for the Coronavirus – WHO

by Montana Fleming

WHO in press conference said that the novel coronavirus has took a completely “different pathway” in Africa even though the continent has not experienced a similar number of infections and deaths as other third world countries. The number of infected cases in Africa at the time of writing crossed the 100,000 mark on May 23. Despite the poor health systems in place in the continent 3,100 people have lost their lives to the virus even with a population of a billion.

Moreover, atleast 41,400 people have even recovered completely from the virus. The UN health agency’s preliminary analysis concludes the reason for the slow rise in infections and deaths in the continent could be because of “demography and other possible factors”. Africa had the first noted case in the continent 14 weeks ago.

The UN Health agency suggests that since Africa is the youngest continent demographically, the coronavirus outbreak seems to have made a “softfall”. When it comes to the population more than 60% of the total census is below 25% and according to a WHO regional Director for Africa, Dr Matshidiso Meoti, quotes that the “youth dividend is paying off” and hence resulting in a lower mortality rate for the COVID-19.

Meanwhile, the World Health Organization also quoted that South America is on the way to become another “epicenter” for the COVID-19 as Brazil surpassed Russia’s coronavirus infected cases and became the second most affected country in the world. The global number of infections surpassed 5 million and significant spikes in the COVID-19 cases in Central as well as South America.

The United States of America remains the top infected cases in the world with cases surpassing 1.6 million with the death count nearing a 100,000.

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