A New Form of Entertainment Sector Emerges as Coronavirus Pandemic Continues

by Montana Fleming

While the sector of live entertainment took a backseat as gathering of people were restricted to single digit in any countries all over the world. With many countries extending their lockdown regimes, artists who excel in live entertainment are faring with the new rules of the world by providing “bubble concerts” Many musicians across the world have started coming live on their social media handles and performing “virtual concerts” for their fans absolutely free of costs.

Comedians, social media influencers and performers are even adapting to this newly found way to life with many even holding out concerts and shows in an online fashion with fans paying top dollar even if it means having to enjoy the show staring at their screens. These artists even experience an increased count in viewership as compared to audience attending a live show.

While inherently, live entertainment is considered as an art form which requires live audience member to as the performing artist advances it is highly commended that some artists have found a way to counter that. Top talk show hosts as Ellen, Jimmy Kimmel, John Oliver, and Jimmy Fallon have begun production of their talk-shows while working from home.

Some theater actors have even went on ahead and produced a clip that showcases the premise of the show with all actors playing out the part from the comfort of their own home. While clever editing techniques patching the show together, their fan base are clearly having a treat. While people across the world are finding out ingenious methods to ratify and make the best of this situation, audience members clearly seem to love it and cannot get enough.

With minimal drops in viewerships for many artists, it clearly shows that the entertainment sector looking to take on a new form.


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