A Global Update for the Coronavirus – Rise in Cases and Flattening of the Curve

by Montana Fleming

On average the world is averaging a 100,000 daily according to data compiled from the John Hopkins University. As the death toll crossed 430,000 globally on Sunday, many countries across the world are heading towards easing lockdowns and fighting the coronavirus at a shorter distance than the WHO provides.

China reported a rise in the number of cases for the first time in two months at a time where countries like South Korea, Italy and Spain are showing a steady decline in cases. However, countries on the other hand such as India and Brazil are showing a sudden rise in infections as methodological testing continues to increase. The current number of infections stand at 7.69M at the time of writing.

The United States seems to be the worst infected country in the world boasting 2,074,526 cases with the death toll ranging at 115,400. However, the President Donald Trump pushes for further opening up the country despite several criticism and severe backlash from his own panel on health experts.

China reported 57 cases in the last 24 hours, which is the highest toll since April. 35 cases of the recent cases hail from Beijing. South Korea eased restriction only to find a new plethora of cases ranging in the low 30s. Poland opened their borders to their EU members altogether. France’s highest government officials declare that the coronavirus concerns no longer applies to large public gatherings.

British Prime Minister hopes to reopen school by the end of September in the country as quoted by the Education Minister of the United Kingdom. Pakistan identified over 1,300 hotspots in order to curb the rise in infections as the country recorded their highest spike in cases in the range of 6,472. Australia’s two largest states quote that the pandemic has been bought under complete control and suggest loosening of restrictions exponentially.

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